DYHT: The Guitar Growl In Rockin’ In The Free World


This song came on the other day and it gave me the idea to create a tag here called “Did You Hear That?”. I have a tendency to notice subtle things in songs that sound kind of cool but others didn’t seem to notice until I pointed it out. Finding these subtle things is fun to me, and is just one more reason why I love music so much.

I have two songs in my head right now that I’d like to mention related to this phenomenon (here is the other one). I don’t know whether or not it was intended – I lean more toward it simply being an audio artifact resulting from distortion and/or compression (in the studio/effects processing) that just happens to be more noticeable at certain times.

The Growl

Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World is definitely a classic rock anthem, and I really love this song. If you’ve never really paid attention to the lyrics then I think you should, but that isn’t the point of this post.

Years ago I noticed a subtle and quick growl coming from the guitar in a few parts and since then I can’t unhear it. Not that I want to, because I think it’s pretty cool!

It’s noticeable in several spots, but I think 1:24 and 1:31 are pretty easy to hear when you’re listening for it. If you don’t hear it after several attempts, try listening on a different set of speakers or with headphones on.

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