Posting Tips

On this page you will find some tips that may be useful when contributing your own music-related stories. This will likely be a work in progress as this site grows. To see the tags and categories currently being used here, see this page.

A Note On Content

By creating a post on this website, you agree to follow the Terms & Conditions. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of your posting abilities or deletion of your account. If you are unsure if something might violate these terms & conditions, you may wish to ask first or submit the draft with a note attached requesting clarification on any material you are unsure of.

Creating A New Post

If you are familiar with creating posts on a WordPress site, then you already have a head start at contributing your own content here. If this is new to you, it’s a pretty straight-forward process.

The first step is going into the post editor. There are a couple ways to do this and they both take you to the same page:

Click on the + New button to create a new post (Desktop)
Click on the + button to create a new post (Phone/Tablet)
Click on the Write New Post menu to create a new post (Desktop)
Click on the Write New Post menu to create a new post (Phone/Tablet)










Below is what you will see inside the editor. Note that your view may be slightly different depending on the access level you are at (Contributor vs Editor vs Admin). More info on this can be found at the bottom of this page.

Embedding Images & YouTube Videos

Images can be embedded into a post by dragging and dropping from your desktop or using the Add Media button to access the media options. Be sure to follow the Terms & Conditions related to contributing content to this website.

YouTube videos can be embedded in a post by simply copying & pasting the link into the post (or dragging from another browser tab). Note that some YouTube videos have the embedding option disabled. In this case embedding is disallowed by the content owner so a link will be put into the post instead of the embedded video. Be sure to follow the Terms & Conditions related to contributing content to this website.

You may also add comments in the Add Note box if you’d like. These comments will not be part of the final post, but instead are a way to communicate back and forth between yourself and the Editor.

Organizing Posts

There are two ways to organize posts: By Category and through the use of Tags.


Currently there are not many categories, but presumably we will have more as more content is added to this site. While you can choose the Music category itself, it is not really necessary assuming you will be also be choosing a sub-category of music (such as Artists & Bands or Songs). However, if there are no music sub-categories that seem to fit, Music can be used for the time being until a more suitable category is added.

  • Music: If your post is about music in general and not particularly related to any artist, band or song, choose this category. You can also use this category as a temporary placeholder until a more suitable sub-category is created.
    • Artists & Bands: If your post is more about the artist or band as a whole and not really specific to any one song of theirs, choose this category for your post.
    • Songs: If your post is more about the song itself as opposed to the artist or band as a whole, choose this category for your post.
  • Ramblings: If your post isn’t really about music at all, use this category. Although occasional posts unrelated to music are fine, keep in mind that the main purpose of this website is to talk about music.
  • Site News: Reserved for posts related to this website itself and intended for Admin use only.

Tags offer a handy way to sort posts in a more granular way than categories. Generally they should be self-explanatory and anyone can add new tags either through editing their profile or when creating a new post. If the tag you want to use doesn’t exist, it will be created and usable by everyone else.

Currently, the thought on tags is to use them for artist or band names, genres, and things of that nature. Obviously this will work best if everyone is using them in a similar way.

For now, there is one tag in particular that I think will be useful and would like to see used. This is the Did You Hear That? tag. The purpose of this tag is to help people find posts that discuss cool parts of songs that they may miss if they aren’t listening for them. When using this tag, please also add DYHT: to the post’s Topic which will further help identify it as a post of this nature. For an example, see this post, which was the first post of its kind written specifically with this idea in mind.

Tags & Categories – Further Information

To see the tags and categories currently being used here, see this page.

Submitting Your Post

When you are finished writing, click on ‘Submit for Review’ to send it off to the Admin or Editor. You will receive an email when your post has finished review and has gone live.