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Welcome to Auralgasmic!

My name is Kevin. I created this website and I wanted to say a little bit about how it came to be. I suppose the first thing I should clear up is the site’s name. Yes, I realize it probably sounds a bit dirty and if that’s what you came here looking for then you’ll probably be sorely disappointed!

Before registering the domain name I had a look around at similar sounding websites and urban dictionaries and realized that this could definitely be a misleading domain name. In the end, I stuck with it but I did whittle back the site’s title as seen at the top of the pages here just to minimize uncertainty if people did happen to stumble upon it accidentally among the vast ocean of websites. Auralgasmic is a shortened version of the original site name I’ve had in my head for probably close to a year before finally deciding to create it.  Originally it was to be “Aural Sex & Eargasms” – which, in the context of awesome music, hopefully makes some sense to you. If you’re as nuts about music as I am, it probably does!

While I no doubt did not invent the phrase “Aural Sex” (or “Eargasm”, for that matter), I had never heard of it at the time it first popped into my head, which was a little over a year ago while listening to the live version of Whole Lotta Love, on Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains The Same album. Like any true music fan, the music was blaring loudly as I was driving home from work. As a hardcore Zeppelin fan, I had heard it countless times before – Jimmy working his magic on the theremin while Jonesy, Bonzo and Robert served up their own contributions to this masterpiece.

As the echoes of the screeching theremin and Robert’s unmistakable vocals danced in circles and enveloped me in my car, once again I sat and thought about how absolutely awesome this sounded! Everything about it – The theremin, the vocals, the bass, the drums and yes, the dancing echoes – just culminated in a real treat for the ears – aural bliss. Aural sex, I thought to myself – and all resulting in an eargasm.

Now, some of you reading that may think I’m nuts. You may be thinking, it’s just music! This is a difference that I noticed years ago: Many people don’t get that excited about music. But there are those of us who do! It is for those in the latter group that this website was created for!

Music, being very subjective by nature, is interesting in that what may drive one person to an eargasm, may put another to sleep. We can’t always agree on what makes a particular band or song so great. For me, sometimes it’s the whole package as it is in that classic live version of Whole Lotta Love as mentioned above. Other times though, it can be something more subtle. Perhaps it’s a short pattern played on a ride cymbal for only one small part of the song. Or maybe very subtle flute parts such as in Blind Melon’s Toes Across the Floor. I often find myself asking people, “Did you hear that?,” only for them to say, “Hear what?,” or even worse, “So?” I’m not judging them for failing to hear what I hear or not getting as excited about it as I do; Rather, I am just sad that they can’t share that joy with me.

All of which is the point of this website. Though we may not all agree on what makes a song so awesome, and certainly won’t always agree that any one song is as awesome to us as it is to someone else, I think this could be a nice place for like-minded music nuts to hang out and discuss these things.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you decide to join us!


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